(gulp) You mean I signed up for a Revolution?

Waking up like Rip Van Winkle

I thought I signed up for some CPD about educational technology when I signed up for COETAIL.  Yikes, we’re at the end of week two and all of a sudden I feel like I’ve woken up and the landscape looks completely different than it did a few weeks ago (I feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle):  I didn’t realize I had signed up for a REVOLUTION.  Uh…I’m not too sure how I ended up in a middle of a revolution but I’m “game”.  I’m not too sure what parents and administrators would make of all this;  maybe they’d freak…I think they would freak…but I’m game!

I was buzzing along reading my “born-again” RSS feed.  I deleted it years ago but have since resurrected it and filled it with new life:  the blog feeds of my fellow COETAILers.  I was stopped in my tracks by this comment in one of the blogs by our esteemed instructor, Jeff  (I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your comment):

“Being open and adaptive to change is one things….being open to a whole new mind set is something completely different. I have the honor of talking to a lot of educators in a lot of countries all around the world and they all tell me they are open to change…and I think they are. They changed from overhead projectors to SmartBoards. They changed from cubby holes in the office to e-mail. Educators are open to change…..but very few are open to a revolution. To a new theory…to a completely different approach that we have a hard time imagining would work because we know what works. It worked for us when we were in school, it was the way we were taught to teach, and it has worked thus far…and fair enough…it will work….for a while longer.

But this same thing has been played out again and again. Egypt thought Facebook didn’t matter….it did. Record stores didn’t think the iPod mattered…it did. Blockbuster didn’t think Netflix mattered…it did.

These things didn’t disappear overnight….OK…except for Egypt. But they all did finally have to give in to the change…and by the time they realized it…..the other method, the other approach, the other pedagogy, had so entrenched itself there was no making it back.

Sure…you can keep on teaching the “traditional” way for years to come….but at some point it is going to change……and when it does will you be ready for the revolution?

This is what COETAIL is about….pushing yourself and these new ideas to the brink of failure…and we do fail…but we also have amazing successes that open up new ideas and new avenues. Prepare yourself for the revolution….you’re in COETAIL. :)

Jeff’s @jutecht comment came from  Donavan’s blog post .

OMG I thought to myself.  I’ve joined a revolution??!!  But I guess I knew it all along for the last two weeks, but couldn’t put my finger on it.  Bloom’s Taxonomy is on its head.  The classroom is flipped on its head.  Kids are choosing their teachers (Say what?!).    Uh…does the rest of the world know everything is going upside down?  I thought I was joining a nice tea party– not Alice in Wonderland’s tea party, not the Boston tea party, not the Opium War tea party…. (Who shoved this computer mouse in my hand?)

Donovan’s blog post is entitled “The Way Life Used to Be“.  Hey wait!  I sort of liked the way life used to be?  But, now it’s too late…I’ve walked through the Wardrobe door and there’s no doorknob to go back.

Donvan’s blog and Jeff’s comment reminded me of this very “funny in an ironic way” video about how difficult it is to change.  What did the caveman feel when he was confronted with a new tool? (I love the accent in the video!)


I came by this video (today through my RSS, actually) through David Truss’ blog @datruss entitled “Still the Same Conversation“. He too talks about big changes.

The same message seems to be coming to me from all directions it seems.  Must be a sign.

The video cemented it all for me, at the end,  and it told me that there is no choice and no going back.

Hang onto your hats!  We’re off for a ride!



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