Doodle me a #Coetail Graduate

#Coetail Graduate by Vivian

#Coetail Graduate by Vivian


I’m really hoping someone will put together a real slick #Coetail infographic for colleagues, administrators, and schools to understand what exactly a Coetail graduate brings to the “pedagogy table” at school.

Jeff has one that is more of a testimonial from Coetailers regarding the impact of this kind of Professional Development on them.  I’m kind of hoping for an infographic with more detail about what we learned and what our knowledge, pedagogy, and skills-sets are, after graduation.

I don’t draw well, but I enjoyed using Paper by 53 (with the paid add-ons) to doodle out my own version of such an infographic.  Technology is the great equalizer.  There’s no way I would share something I drew on real paper, but I’m willing to throw caution to the wind and share something I’ve done on digital paper.  (I figure the technology makes newbies like me look better and experts worse while we both do the software learning curve 😉  )

I put the Coetail Courses’ Big Ideas  (courses 1-4) as coloured rectangular blocks.  Underneath them, I put down the subtopics for each course.  It wasn’t hard to do.  I’m hyper-organized and if you look at the righthand bar where I’ve “organized my musings” (categories), you’ll see the same organizational tree.  I’ve organized my blogposts using the same structure.  Moreover, you’ll be able to click and read the learning I did for each topic in the blogposts listed there.

Coetail is essentially an community approach to learning so I have to thank Jeff Utecht, his behind-the-scenes wife Daneah; and the entire Coetail community (especially cohort 13-14) for helping me learn and grow so much.

Coetail is not finished  yet.  We have one more course to go and a final project!… but they’re supposed to be the culmination of all that is on my #doodle– but put into application and practice.  So, I think my Doodle is pretty complete…

See you in course 5! (and Happy New Year by the way!)



About Vivian

Vivian @ChezVivian is a Canadian-born Chinese, currently living in Switzerland. She has also lived in Hong Kong and Indonesia. She holds a M.S. (focus: Educational Technology Integration), B.Ed and a B.A. and graduate studies in Kodály and Orff music pedagogy. She is an elementary school classroom generalist, but has also taught as a music specialist, ESL/EAL and also in Learning Support. Most of her teaching career was in International Schools in Hong Kong. She is excited about the IBPYP and the possibilities of using technology to Inquire. Recently, she has been looking at the opportunities that computer programming gives to put #TECHXture back into the hands of children. In other words, technology need not be just about looking at screens. It can be about building things with our hands; and computer programming levels-up what children can do with the things they build---encouraging higher thinking skills. She is a Coetail Post-graduate Certificate grad ('13-'14), a former Coetail Coach and one of the co-founders of #CoetailChat. Her blog home curates her assignments for Coetail and her M.S. graduate studies about Educational Technology integration and anything else educationally-related that she feels inspired to write about. Her twitter tagline sums it up: "Mom to 4, Mentor, Educator, Musician (in that order)".
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6 Responses to Doodle me a #Coetail Graduate

  1. Oh, Vivian, I love that overview! And I thought that I would love to be such a good drawer to organize and summarize something like you are. 😉 I definitely will check that app Paper by 53. This year 2013 I probably experienced my most exciting and a most intensive learning curve ever. I need to reflect on it to appreciate it even more.

    I wish you a great and happy new year 2014!

    • Vivian says:

      Hi Verena @vzimmerman

      I agree that this past year was pretty intense in terms of the amount of learning we did.

      I don’t really draw. They’re just stick figures! The app makes even stick figures cute 😉 !

      I wish you a wonderful 2014 too!


  2. That looks great Vivian. Love the idea of listing all the things we learn about like that. I have just made a similar list in my Course 4 final blog post, but hadn’t thought about including it in the infographic.
    Love that you’ve been keeping the tab open. I do that too! haha

    • Vivian says:

      Hi Jayne! @jaymizusoh

      I usually just write lists in linear fashion but it was fun to try another format. I just wish the iPad was bigger as I had problems fitting things in neatly.

      Thanks for dropping by to comment!

      Happy New Year, btw!


  3. Jana Poukka says:

    I love your drawing! It’s perfect! I wish I had this visual when I did my presentation about COETAIL for our staff. I only had 5-10 minutes to present, and how can you fit COETAIL into 5-10 minutes? Well you did a beautiful job with this graphic!

    Since my group’s Visual Literacy course, I’ve been trying to add more and more visuals into my instruction style. I always used to tell myself, “I can’t draw.” After looking at somany TED talks about visual notetaking, I decided to give it a shot. I love it. My drawings are not fantastic (I draw stick people too), but they do their job.

    Here’s a blog that someone recently shared with me. Someone explains very simply how to make stick figures look like they are doing something.

    I’ve just found ArtStudio for drawing my own clip art. I’m going to have to look into Paper by 53 as well. Looks fantastic.

    Thanks again for sharing! Good luck on your 5th course. Ours is starting in a couple of weeks!

    • Vivian says:

      Hi Jana @jtanigawa

      Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. It’s always nice to meet people from other cohorts.

      Thanks for the link to the wordpress blog. I will definitely take a look at it, since I need all the help I can get! I’ll also check out ArtStudio.

      Paper 53 is not cheap. After buying all the package of tools plus the colour mixer (to make your own custom colour), it was around $8.00 in total. I don’t buy many apps and rely maybe a little too much on the “free” ones. Apple awarded the app the “Apple Design Award” so I thought it was worth it, especially if it can make my drawings semi-decent. The user interface is lovely and it feels like opening up and looking at watercolour box. So, it’s beautiful to use too. 😀 I love the watercolour brush the most.

      Paper 53 also has a tumblr account where people can upload their drawings. The drawings are pretty amazing and give me ideas of what I might want to try next. Check it out: In order to capitalize on the app (or any drawing app), I think I should splurge to buy a stylus. The “Pencil” stylus offered by the same company is $49 US At this point, I don’t think I’m THAT committed to learning how to draw to spend so much, but who knows? Maybe I’ll need to do more drawing in the future and if so, the right tools make a big difference.

      Thanks again for dropping by.

      Good luck in your next set of Coetail courses!