Stage 19: Experimenting with Code

Stage 19-1a

 This is a cool Stage of the program.  We’re given various pieces of code and our job is to run it and to play with it by changing bits to see what happens.  A lot can happen just by playing and experimenting.

Stage 19-2a


Stage 19-3a


Stage 19-3a


Stage 19-4A

It’s been fun playing with the various programs.  I learn a bit by looking at the code behind these designs but these advanced designs are still beyond me to create from scratch.  You have to have a keen sense of logic and math. Moreover, you need to be a good problem solver when things go differently than you expect it to.



To Ivan

Stage 19 Puzzle 6

Stage 19 Puzzle 6

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2 Responses to Stage 19: Experimenting with Code

  1. Ivan says:

    I need some help, i can’t understand the last puzzle (Stage 19, puzzle 6) and you didn’t mention it here. So can you try and explain me here in the comments how it works, how it repeats the last bit of code without a repeat block etc.?. Thank you. Also your blog is the best !

  2. Vivian says:

    Hi Ivan

    I’ve uploaded a screen shot of Stage 19, Puzzle 6 (see above, at the end of my blogpost). There is a “repeat branches” times block in the middle. It is pink. It means to repeat every time there is a branch and the branches keep on coming, so it keeps on repeating. Does this make sense?

    These puzzles are examples of complex coding, and so I can’t give you any more further help as this is “beyond” my abilities, too 🙂

    The task for this puzzle is to play with the numbers to see how it might change the program. Try changing the variable, “branches” to something else and see what happens.

    Hope this helps a bit! This is a great question. Wish I was better at this to give you a better explanation!