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I’m in my garden in Canada, 2012

“A Canadian in Switzerland”

Hello everyone! Nei Ho!, Ni Hao!, 你好, Salut!   I’m Vivian.  I’m a Canadian (born, raised, educated) but Chinese in Heritage.  In Canada, we call ourselves “CBCs” which stands for –no! not the radio station– but stands for “Canadian-born Chinese”.   I’ll give brownie points to you if you can identify the lake in Canada pictured above, by my daughter doing an Arabesque.

The name of my blog is Chez Vivian which means at the home of Vivian’s in French.  I thought I should clarify that as some people think “Chez” is my last name! I chose Chez Vivian as the name of my blog because I want to feel that you’ve dropped by my home for a cuppa and a chat about life, education, and philosophy.  I LOVE talking about all three 😉

Despite my Canadian roots, I’ve spent most of my adult years travelling, teaching, and living around the world.  I’ve travelled to close to 35 countries in the world. I’ve spent significant time living (and often teaching too) in China (Qingdao), Hong Kong, Japan (Kushiro), and Indonesia (Jakarta).  In 2010, I moved to Switzerland where I am presently.

My life living and juggling various languages explains why I have chosen four ways to say “hi” to you.  I’ve said “hi” to you in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and French.   Each of those languages represents a part of who I am and where I’ve lived in the world.

I hold a M.S. focussing on Educational Technology integration from the Buffalo State University of New York, USA.  Also, I hold a B.Ed. (majoring in elementary school education) and a B.A. (majoring in general education, world focus of East Asia) from the University of Calgary, Canada.  Most of my teaching was in International Schools in Hong Kong as an elementary school classroom generalist.  I have graduate studies in Kodaly & Orff which have given me opportunities to hold a number of music specialist positions too. There were a few years that I taught part-time in Learning Support, and ESL/EAL. 

My children attended a 1:1 technology international school in Hong Kong (now 2:1) and I also spent time teaching there. While there, I enjoyed the challenges of integrating technology into education whilst also delivering curriculum thru the PYP (IB Primary Years Program) framework of Inquiry Learning.

Technology has changed the educational landscape a great deal since I was an undergraduate at university.  I thought it would be a good idea to get some formal qualifications in 1:1 computer education (1 computer device for every 1 student). In 2014, I was proud to finish 18 months of study to become a Coetail graduate! Coetail is a post-graduate certificate and is short for “Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy”. The certificate prepares teachers to integrate technology in the classroom. Some graduates go on to be a School Technology Integrationist (Tech Coach).  The program is not tied to any corporation, device, software, or app. Unlike many corporate tech designations, the emphasis of Coetail is on teaching pedagogy and how to integrate technology authentically in the classroom.  My Coetail postgraduate certificate comprised half of my M.S. degree.

The blog you see here curates my assignments for Coetail and my  M.S. studies.  Now the I’ve finished Coetail and my M.S., I write about anything educationally-related that moves or inspires me.

Please see the my doodle below to understand what a Coetail Graduate brings to the table:

#Coetail Graduate by Vivian

#Coetail Graduate by Vivian

What else?

There’s a button at the right-hand sidebar where I hope you will follow me on Twitter.  I tweet out links to my blogposts, after I write them.

On Instagram, you’ll see the world through my eyes that tend to be rose-tinted—mainly my beautiful view of the world but occasionally the quirky view too.

Here, in my blog home, you’ll more likely meet my intense, meticulous, informed (try to be!), very literate, and passionate side for all things in my heart as an educator.  I invite you to meet me in all the corners of my world. In return, I would love to meet you and yours.

I’m quite introspective by nature and I love to share about things that strike me as interesting, valuable, funny, or provocative.   I enjoy writing a great deal, and hope you will enjoy reading some of it.

Enchantée! Lovely to meet you!


Switzerland where I live (Lavaux Vineyards overlooking Lake Geneva)Photo Caption for above: Switzerland where I live (Lavaux Vineyards overlooking Lake Geneva, facing the Swiss Alps) photo by @ChezVivian


Lake Louise, Alberta---my backyard in CanadaPhoto Caption: Lake Louise, Alberta—my “backyard” in Canada Photo by @ChezVivian

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