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Sew Electric, Sew Fun!

  Heightening Anticipation Give Purpose and Motivation I’m taking an online graduate course in Creativity offered by the State University of Buffalo (SUNY) for my M.S. degree (two more courses to go!).  This is the same university that many Coetail … Continue reading

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Make Space for Maker-Spaces, ECIS ED Tech Conference Munich 2015

  On Friday March 20, 2015, I attended a session at the ECIS Ed Tech 2015 Conference entitled “Make Space for Maker-Spaces“. The speaker was Mark Shillitoe from Etoy GEMS Academy, in Switzerland. The subject-matter of his presentation was very much … Continue reading

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First, Scratch then We-Do LEGO

  The alligator has been coded to chomp down when he senses something in his mouth. The Soccer Goalie has been programmed to stop trying to block, when the ball has already gone through the goal posts. The top spinner … Continue reading

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