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Coetail Graduation Final Project—-Journey of an Infinitely Loopy Coding Teacher

For further information on what is discussed on my video, please scroll to the bottom for website links.  Journey of an infinitely loopy coding teacher For my Coetail Graduation Final Project, I chose to run a Primary School Coding Club. … Continue reading

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cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by brett jordan I did the “Hour of Code” like many other teachers and students a couple of weeks ago.  The website also provides resources to go beyond the first hour.   … Continue reading

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Roll Your Dice & Move your Mice

  Oh I’m in a black-humour mood this evening, so…Watch out!  That’s because I’ve spent an entire train ride reading about Gamification. Coetail Course 4 Week 2: Gamification of Education Theory Assignment 2:  Write a reflective blog post on gamification in … Continue reading

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