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Ideas that have challenged my thinking and I hope they challenge you too!

My Mag Article: The Maker Movement is Transforming Education

  This is my 125th blogpost.  It’s been an incredible experience writing for a public audience in a blogging format.  Despite my affinity for many things “tech-related”, I must say there is nothing that compares to seeing your writing published … Continue reading

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Design Thinking Stage 4: Reflection

  Reflection This week, we’re looking at Stage 4 of the Eduro Design Thinking course, which is called Reflection. Now, reflection has never been a problem for me.  I’m what one call an Abstract Sequential thinker.    Abstract Sequential thinkers: want … Continue reading

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Design Thinking Stage 1: Empathy, it still works in the 21C!

    Stage One is Empathy This week is week two of the Eduro Design Thinking course.  The big idea is “Empathy”.  I was delighted to see that the starting point of Design Thinking is empathy.  I never would have … Continue reading

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