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Looping the Coding, Big time!

Looping the Coding, Big time!


 * Note October 2014:  Over the summer, Code.org has changed some of the puzzles and probably because some of them were too difficult.  Therefore, some of the examples of puzzles that I have in my teaching notes are out of date.  The concepts that are being addressed for each stage are still the same.  
**These are teaching notes (and not puzzle answers)  for teachers, as teachers have the answers in their teacher dashboards.  Therefore the intent of the teaching notes is to explain the concepts of each stage, and not to provide answers to the puzzles.  So, students who are reading this—, please understand that you won’t find answers to the puzzles on this blog.


I blogged all the stages of the 20 Hour “Hour of Code” program.  The main reason I blogged about them was to provide for myself lesson notes for the online stages, since there are none.  Here are the links to the 20 Stages and I hope you find them useful too.

If you are a student looking for answers to the puzzles, please go here.


1) Intro: What is Computer Science?
2) Maze #1: Sequence, Loops, Conditionals, Nesting
3) Computational Thinking: Decompose, Patterns, Abstraction, Algorithms
4) Graph Paper Programming: Draw what the algorithm tells you
5) Artist #1: Draw Shapes, Loops, Increment
6) Algorithms: Put shapes into pictures, Folding paper
7) Artist #2: Figure out algorithm
8) Functional Activity: Suncatchers – Program, functions, variables
9) Farmer #1: Conditionals, Repetition, Variables
10) Conditionals Exercise: Coding with Cards
11) Artist #3: Calling functions, Repeat with Loops, Variables & Parameters
12) Song Writing: Functions like a chorus, Passing parameters, Parameters as Variables
13) Farmer #2: Functions
14) Abstraction: Madlib style stories
15) Artist #4: Functions and Parameters
16) Coding Under Pressure: Double Checking, Debugging
17) Farmer #3: Importance of Order, Debug pre-made program
18) Internet: What is the Internet? How does it work?
19) Artist #5: Free play
20) CS Wrap-U : What did we learn? What was your favorite part?

Thoughts and comparisons between 20 Hour of Code and Scratch Programming 

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